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Provident Safety Consulting Services values the health and safety of your employees. That's why we host 10- and 30-hour OSHA training courses in El Paso, TX. Expertly designed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, these courses teach entry-level workers in construction and general industries about workplace threats, employer responsibilities and much more.

If you want to keep your workers out of harm's way, contact us today to arrange for 10- or 30-hour OSHA training services. We offer free estimates.

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OSHA requires companies in construction and general industries to have their facilities inspected frequently. If you're worried about passing your yearly inspection, Provident Safety Consulting Services can help you out. We provide post-training OSHA inspections in El Paso, TX.

Our company can come by your facility on a weekly basis to ensure that you are implementing the rules and practices that we explained in your 10- or 30-hour training course. With our help, you can avoid costly fines and keep your business running smoothly.

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Our 10-hour OSHA training course covers general safety in the workplace and potential health hazards for entry-level workers. Our 30-hour OSHA course is more in-depth and industry-specific for supervisors and workers responsible for safety and health. Our courses will educate you on adequately preparing for an OSHA inspection. We'll also walk around your site weekly and put into plan the safety program we're teaching your employees.

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